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D-Bol (methandienone)

D-Bol (methandienone) is a very popular oral anabolic steroid. It is also one of the most important because it started a performance enhancement revolution in sports. Derived from testosterone it keeps all of its anabolic properties but benefits from reduced androgenic properties.

This steroid is primarily used in bulking plans,  it is an effective plateau buster and can be part of a cutting plan. Its use produces fast and dramatic mass and strength gains when used in a bulking plan. In a cutting plan it will maintain muscle fullness and help to protect lean muscle mass. Users will also notice enhanced recovery rates and muscular endurance levels.


Both male and female athletes can use D-Bol (methandienone) for physique and performance enhancing purposes.

The usual dosage for male athletes is in the range of three to six 5 mg tablets (15-30 mg) per day, for a period of 6 weeks. Female athletes commonly take a dosage of a half to one 5 mg tablet (2.5-5 mg) per day, for a period of 6 weeks.


D-Bol (methandienone) stacks well with a variety of other steroids. The stacking combination will depend on what the desired results are for supplementation.

Sheer mass and strength gains can be made by stacking with a long acting testosterone such as Testosterone Enanthate or Cypanon.

Stacking with Decanon or Duranon will result in exceptional muscle and strength gains.

Side Effects

Estrogenic side effects are possible with D-Bol (methandienone). Using an aromatase inhibitor, such as Anastrozole or a SERM such as Clomifed, will prevent these.

This steroid has reduced androgenic side effects but they are still possible. Most men should not have any androgenic side effects, those who do will find that they are easily controllable. Women will find that this steroid still produces virilizing side effects. If these occur STOP USING THIS PRODUCT IMMEDIATELY, in order to prevent irreversible changes.

High blood pressure and cholesterol issues can be a cardiovascular side effect of this supplement. Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels through a cholesterol friendly lifestyle and cardiovascular exercise will be important when using this product. IF YOU SUFFER FROM HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE AND CHOLESTEROL YOU SHOULD NOT USE THIS PRODUCT.

All steroid use will suppress natural testosterone. Using an exogenous testosterone will offset this side effect. Erectile dysfunction and suppressed libido are also possible side effects. These can be remedy by using Sildenia (sildenafil citrate).

D-Bol (methandienone) IS A HEPATOTOXIC STEROID. To minimize hepatotoxicity only use this supplement for limited cycles not exceeding 6 weeks. Also to prevent stress to the liver avoid alcohol consumption and over the counter medicines. DO NOT USE OTHER HEPATOTOXIC STEROIDS WHEN SUPPLEMENTING WITH THIS PRODUCT.


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